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Kathleen Dean, BA, MH, CCHT, CTA, RBT, TFTdx,
SMU Certified in Texas Family Mediation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

She maintains degrees and certifications in Bachelor of Arts and as a Master Hypnotist | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Clinical Technician of Acupuncture | Registered Behavioral Therapist | CT- Thought-Field Therapy® Diagnostician.

Kathleen Dean is owner and President of Synergy A Holistic Approach, Inc. and Synergy Mediation Solutions and Co-Founder of Advance Associates. She serves as a personal Life Mastery Coach, Callahan Technique TFT® diagnostician and instructor and a gifted corporate trainer.

She is the author of various publications for the U.S. Centers for the Blind, author of SECRETS OF THE MASTERS® WORKSHOPS, CRUISE AND LEARN PROGRAMS and the book entitled “SECRETS OF THE MASTERS, A WORKBOOK FOR MOVING FROM CHAOS TO CLARITY®”, and a practicing master in many ancient healing techniques and modalities.

Kathleen is certified as a Master Practitioner; in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Acupuncture, Chinese Qui Gong, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese energy balancing techniques, Polish Bio-Energetics. She also knows the healing techniques of the Hawaiian Kahunas, Mexican Naguals, Peruvian Shaman and many more advanced and ancient healing arts.

She has spent two decades traveling worldwide in the study and subsequent practice with masters, physicians and Indigenous elders from North and South America. Having lived in China, studying with global Qui Gong masters, she has a rare combination of healing and teaching gifts. Kathleen's results-oriented methods and techniques, combined with individual and corporate performance training and seminars, have appealed to thousands. She has the unique ability to engage her clients to connect, inspire and activate spirit within themselves for optimal health and achievement.

Kathleen is available for speaking engagements at your organization or business. She has a wide range of one to two hour holistic programs she presents on the following topics:


Learn how to quickly release phobias, anxiety, pain, love pain, grief, PTSD, etc., within minutes. Kathleen is 1-200 in the world Licensed to teach this method that has a 88-99% CURE RATE!


Learn varying skills and techniques to calm the body, mind and soul. These skills are shared with you from her world travels as she studied and became a practicing master in many various forms of healing; on emotional, mental and physical levels, thereby assisting in bringing one’s whole “self ” back into balance.

Her book release is scheduled for December of 2014:


Learn how this process works quickly, effectively, and is prominently. Also included a discussion of REGRESSION THERAPY.


“Thanks to Kathleen, I no longer smoke! It was so easy!!! After 26 years of smoking two packs a day, and recently chewing Nicorette Gum, the two sessions I spent with her were as easy as closing my eyes and waking up and not wanting to smoke anymore.”
G. Connelly, Tennis Coach, Arlington, TX

“You saved my life Kathleen! I was ready to truthfully end my life. What a gift you are. The Thought Field Therapy ® you did with me totally got rid of the trauma I had been reliving, constantly seeing the fire 6” from my face. You ended that entire trauma within minutes. I now have a new place to live, a new car and have started a whole new life. I can’t thank you enough.”
Jan W., Richardson, Texas.

"TFT®" is not just the most powerful tool in traumatic stress reduction; IT SAVES LIVES. I have used TFT® to intervene with a suicidal client and it worked. Thank you, Dr. Callahan, for sharing this with the world."
Bruce Ramsay, CTR, CISM, Program Director, First Nations' Emergency

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