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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy | Synergy Holistic Services - Dallas, TX

Tap into your unconscious mind through HYPNOSIS and THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY® . Release the thoughts and feelings that...

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Legal-Adjunct Services

Legal-Adjunct Services | Synergy Holistic Services - Dallas, TX

When attorneys see the need for Advocate Services that help prepare litigating parties to easily move through the stressors of the...

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CT-Thought Field Therapy®

CT-Thought Field Therapy® | Synergy Holistic Services - Dallas, TX,TX

Over 20+ years in development, Callahan Techniques TFT® is a revolutionary procedure developed by California...

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Welcome To Synergy Holistic Services

Tap into your unconscious mind through HYPNOSIS and THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY®. Release the thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back. Let go of your addictive urges, compulsive behaviors, and anxiety. Open yourself to the beauty life has to offer.

Is to spark your passion for well-being, peak performance and abundant living with joy, clarity and practical self-knowledge to succeed in today's world. We are here to assist a person in releasing any emotional and mental issues so that your success-filled life can be accomplished!

There is a deep desire, a longing, for a life that works. Achievement of this lives or dies by the conscious daily choices we make and the actions we take. Within each of us lies the ability to change, advance and master our lives.


Provides help to residents in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas who have emotional or psychological issues. Many people spend years of their life in deep regret, sadness, anger, depression, and/or PTSD.

Our services include:


With CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY, clients choose to be placed in a hypnotic (THETA) state. Their mind in this state is relaxed and without a sense of thought or judgment. At this point, the client is capable of changing emotional behaviors while.

The other services that we provide are LEGAL ADJUNCT SERVICES for both the attorney and their client. Inevitably, issues will arise in contentious court cases. Stress for both attorney and the client, when dealing with legal issues, can be traumatizing for both. Consequently, we are pleased to offer legal- adjunct services for mediation and counseling in the family law sector. These services will help the attorneys, their clients and families resolve conflicts. Other services include LIFE and DIVORCE COACHING. Office sessions are $110 per hour in home and out of town visits, are $145 per hour.

You deserve a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and peaceful. Let us help you finally heal your emotional and psychological issues. Contact Synergy Holistic Services in Dallas- Addison TX today.

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